THE BIKINI OPEN is a special-event, retro series featuring the best swimsuit, fitness, bikini, and modeling competitions from the early 90s. The 8 initial Bikini Open programs were launched on pay-per-view in the US, but became so successful that we re-edited six more with substantial new material for syndication. Women in thong bikinis,men in Speedos, tanned limbs flying about, and hips gyrating to music. This is early reality TV: interactive viewer polls and candid camera moments featuring good, clean fun.

The Bikini Open series featured several bikini contests like..
Miss Hawaiian Tropic International
The Seagrams Golden Blondes competition
The Venus Swimwear Pageant
The Best Body On The Beach competition
The Bacardi Breezer competition
Miss Hedonism II
The Sally Jesse Raphael Bikini Madness competition
The English Leather Calendar Girl competition
The California Girls Bikini Contest
The Ujena/ Swimwear Illustrated competition
Ms. Body Beautiful
The Best of the Best Venus Models competition
Tahitian Lanaii competition

Also get to see famous models like Patricia Ford, DePrise Brescia, Donna DiCianni, April Storms and many more.

Key People : Howie Sonnenschein, Mercedes Woods, Gail Sonnenschein, Marc Bissot, Donna Altman, Michael Adelberg, Marc Bissot and Duff Schweninger, just to name a few.

Want to be a Bikini Professional ?

Presenting – BCI or Bikini Career Institute. A parody on how to become a ‘Bikini Professional’. The BCI or Bikini Career Institute is located on a private island. It gives courses like Art 101, Fashion Designing or Fash 300, Physics 44DD, Anatomy 169, Computers 011001 and Dance 5-6-7-8. It is a fun video and features host Howie with some of the most stunning bikini models from the Bikini Open.


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  1. Im a grassroots photographer with past connections 2 local events in the H-town and ATX area with Bikinis Sports Bar and Grille – have photographed prelims with Swimsuit USA, Bikini Open Promotions since 2008

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